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Dyno Dynamics; the market leaders in the design and manufacturing of premium dynamometers, not only in Australia, but all over the world! Purchasing a Dyno Dynamics or a Dynotech (by Dyno Dynamics) dyno is not only a smart investment in your business, but an investment in your future. Designed, Developed and constructed by our highly trained and skilled staff in our Melbourne manufacturing facility, you can guarantee that your dyno is of the highest quality.

From start to finish, the team at Dyno Dynamics are there to assist with all your diagnostic and testing needs for every kind of vehicle and engine. Our service does not end with dyno installation; we provide 24 hour customer service for every time zone! With the 2011 launch of our Customer Care Program, Dyno Dynamics is committed to ensuring that every consumer knows that to get the most out of their vehicle; it needs to be put on a Dyno Dynamics or Dynotech dyno!

Check out our wide range of Dynamometers to suit every need.

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