Dyno Dynamics Software


Dyno Dynamics Software

What makes a Dyno Dynamics dyno the premium dynamometer choice? The answer is our state of the art software. 100 % Australian designed,

Engineered in house

Our software is designed and manufactured by our highly skilled Research and Development in our Manufacturing Facility in Melbourne, Victoria.

Steady state capabilities

With steady state, you can hold the vehicle or engine at an exact RPM without the dyno wandering. Our dynos are ‘rock solid’ under load!

Real Time High resolution fine line graphing

You will be able to see everything that is going on within the vehicle or engine reflected in the graph.

Stand alone intelligence

State of the art Microcontroller (MCU) based system components enable the dynamometer to operate completely independently of a computer.

User Friendly

Even though out software is state of the art, you won’t need a computer sciences degree to learn how to use it. The team have created an extremely user friendly program, that you will master in less in an hour or two!

Automatically saves vehicle data

The software is designed to automatically save the vehicle data into class, make, model, year, engine size etc. No need for you to manually save all the different data!

Soft Command Override

Protects from accidental sudden changes in desired speed or load of the dynamometer. It constantly monitors command voltages, response rates etc. and ensures that the dynamometer always loads, unloads and moves to the new selected speed safely.

Command RPM

Allows you to hold the selected RPM to within +/- 10 RPM of the selected RPM. selected.

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