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The Emissions Testing System is here!

19 April 2023

The Dyno Dynamics ETS (Emissions Testing System) is here! 

We have now had sites approved by local governments in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia and the ACT. We also have a customer using the ETS in Dubai! 

Vehicle Emissions Testing is going to become a very large part of the automotive industry in the near future. 

Governments in most countries are requiring automotive vehicles to meet emissions  standards. This is especially true for existing vehicles who have changes to their engines to improve performance.A common standard test used to measure vehicle emissions testing is the Internationally recognised IM240 & RG 240 Drive Cycle Emissions Test.Dyno Dynamics with much research and development has developed a Simulated IM240 & RG 240 Drive Cycle Emissions Test, that can be run on specially programmed Dyno Dynamics dynamometers and which various Regulatory Authorities have approved as an acceptable method of undertaking the IM240/RG240 Drive Cycle Emissions Test and which can be done at an affordable cost.

The Dyno Dynamics Emissions Test package includes:

  • • Dyno Dynamics Emissions Testing Software
    • Five Gas Analyser
    • Dyno Dynamics Gas Analyser Converter
    • Onsite calibration of dyno

Why the test is beneficial:

  • • Enables you to undertake IM240/RG240 drive cycle simulated emissions tests
    • Software is easy to use and intuitive. Developed in house by the Dyno Dynamics R & D team.
    • Meets state government requirements for modified vehicles to have emissions test
    • 5 gas analyser supplied by Dyno Dynamics

Suitable for the following dynos:

  • • Dynotech Series I and Series II
    • Dyno Dynamics 450DS with Series II upgrade
    • Dyno Dynamics Analogue dynamometer with A2W upgrade

You can submit a request for quote HERE or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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