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23 August 2023

Dyno Dynamics (Aust) Pty Ltd has gone into liquidation and Dyno Dynamics IP is managed by SPY Autotech (Australia) Pty Ltd.

We have been one of the Dyno Dynamics agents selling dynos for over 10 years. We spend most of our time on our dynos and support our customers who work on dynos. Therefore, we decided to purchase the IP of Dyno Dynamics because we want to continue the brand Dyno Dynamics and Dynotech to support all the customers. We, with former Dyno Dynamics technical staff members, will also continue developing the products to ensure that Dyno Dynamics is still one of the best dynos in the world.

Since this is a new company running the brand, there are complications with the IP purchase and we need to reset all the management and operation workflow, it is difficult for us to start the operation immediately. We would need some time to get ready for the full operation. However, after we have been checking our emails and receiving calls from our customers, we are aware that there are customers with urgent need for support since it prevents you from operating your business. We are trying our best to respond as soon as possible with our limited manpower at the moment.

Sending emails to info@dyno.com.au with your workshop name, contact details and the details of your queries (please state if it is urgent) is a preferred way for us to check your queries and reach out to the urgent ones. The responses may not be as immediate as we expect it to be during this preparation stage which we truly apologise, but we will try our best.

We will come back with a stronger support for all our customers.

Feel free to send us a direct message if you want to understand more about the situation.

Thank you.
SPY Autotech (Australia) Pty Ltd

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