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Get the most out of your vehicle with Dyno!

ETS-Emissions Testing System

We have developed a vehicle emissions test for Dyno Dynamics dynos

Get the most out of your vehicle with a Dyno

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Our software is designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria.
Our software and products are 100% Australian-made

The world renowned Dyno Dynamics has been designing and manufacturing chassis dynamometers and engine dynamometers for over 25 years and is the largest dyno manufacturer in the southern hemisphere. The reason for this is - we don't just sell dynos, we provide total business solutions.

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The price of the Dynotech dyno is what sold us. Dyno Dynamics had the best price and was the most reputable, loaded dyno. Productivity has improved and customer satisfaction is up!

Austin Duncan / 5th Gear Automotive
5th Gear AutomotiveAustin Duncan

I have recommended the Dyno Dynamics dyno to many others.
The Dyno Dynamics support has been great. When we needed a part replaced, a new one came the
next day!

Brian Macy / Horsepower Connection
Horsepower ConnectionBrian Macy